The BAC clinics provide assessment and treatment for a wide range of conditions using Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, and Clinical Massage.

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When We First Meet

This is a three-step process over two separate sessions costing a total of £65

reassessment of spine

Session 1: Initial Consultation – Understanding You

Taking Your History : This is a comprehensive process. We will want to know about your medical and social history, as well as your work and sport activities so that we have a rounded picture of you and your life, as well as your symptoms!

The Examination: This process is similarly comprehensive, covering posture, movement patterns, breathing and trunk stabilisation, as well as special tests specific to your presenting symptoms.

Your Individualised Treatment Plan: After you’ve left, your notes are reviewed, in order to produce a detailed treatment plan addressing your presenting symptoms. This is followed by a ‘correction’ phase where common patterns of posture, breathing and trunk stabilisation are corrected and, finally, an integration phase which is unique to each patient but focuses on helping you to do better the things you like to do and the things you need to do in your daily life.

reassessment of spine

Session 2: The Report of Findings and Your First Treatment

Detailed Explanation: On your second visit, we explain our findings, what they mean for you, and answer all your questions. This crucial step is not to be rushed.

Treatment Plan: We will then explain your proposed treatment plan in detail, again, giving you time for questions, further explanation and reassurance. We will clearly set out the number of sessions proposed, the cost and methods of payment.

First Treatment: With your consent, we proceed with your first treatment, marking the start of your personalised care journey.


When we haven’t seen you in the clinic for a year or more it will always be necessary to do a re-examination: £55.00

Follow Up Treatment

It’s best to allow 30 minutes for each treatment session: £48.00

Emergency Appointment

An emergency appointment to be seen immediately: £95.00



30 minute session: £28

We recommend a 30-minute massage session when we are treating a specific area or as part of a course of care.

50 minute session: £50

We recommend a 50-minute massage session when we are targeting larger muscle groups eg for back pain, sports massage and relaxation.

the staff at the backcare and acupuncture clinics in sutton coldfield birmingham and walsall


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Our Clinics

Sutton Coldfield Clinic

15 Kings Road,
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Phone: 0121 354 4629

Walsall Clinic

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Phone: 07810 770 347