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Just because you’re pain free doesn’t mean you’re fixed. Training with the world renowned strength and conditioning coach, Dan John, I often heard him ask a very simple question – “are you good to go”? It’s a great question and most of us would use being pain free as a proxy for ‘Yes, I’m good to go’. But you’d probably be wrong.

In a recent TED talk the neurologist Prof Louis Wolpert posed the rhetorical question ‘Why do we have a brain’ and answered it with this profound insight ‘in order to move’. Your brain adapts to new inputs very quickly. This is a survival mechanism to allow you to move where the priority is quantity of movement rather than quality of movement. So, when you experience musculo skeletal pain, have a work or sports injury, or other illness (think of the pain and limp associated with gout in the lower limb) this alters the input to your brain. The altered input will produce an altered output which will be a new and inefficient pattern of movement which remains long after the pain has resolved. After a very short period this becomes your new normal. Just because you’re pain free doesn’t mean you’re ‘good to go’!

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) allows us to to establish a baseline for movement quality. Older, younger, active and not-so-active, everyone has unique movement imbalances and limitations that can lead to recurring symptoms of pain and injury. The Functional Movement Screen reveals your weaknesses so you can begin strengthening them, working out in a gentle but highly targeted and effective way. Based on your screen, we develop a customized plan of corrective exercises that meet your needs, continually tracking and updating your plan as you progress.

Once you’ve recovered joint mobility and the necessary stability to control your movement then you’re ‘good to go’, to get on with your life whether it’s a physically job or working out at the gym or just playing with your grandkids the aim of treatment in the fuller sense is to be fit for the life you lead.