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Out of pain, moving well, what’s next? Strength development. Strength is the vessel that contains all of the other physical attributes and allows them to flourish. The bigger the vessel the more it’ll contain. This is as true for the elite athlete as it is for the grandparent who wants to be able to carry their newly arrived grandchild without crippling backpain or play on the floor with the older children.

The absence of strength is a strong predictor of a steady decline in health and wellness. The Brazilian Sit-Stand Test is a very simple, easy to administer test gaining wide medical acceptance as an accurate predictor of morbidity. It tests joint mobility, stability and strength by requiring the patient to sit on the floor and get back up to standing.

The two methods of strength training we use are body weight exercises and kettlebell training. These are both scaleable, transferable and portable. Supplemented by correct hydration, nutrition and other lifestyle changes you will gradually transform your physical presence and greatly increase your capacity to engage in life with gusto.