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The sports massage therapy was originally created for athletes as a specific therapy technique. The involves the manipulating and mobilising of the soft tissue. Many people can benefit from sports massage therapy for many reasons, especially those likely to suffer from repetitive strain injuries through work or exercise or those that have a sports injury. In fact anyone who may have suffered a sprain, strain, break or any other damage to their body may quickly feel the benefits of sports massage therapy such as pain relief or gain mobilisation etc.

We have two registered and professional therapists based at our sports massage Sutton Coldfield clinic. They have extensive knowledge of the technique and how to use it to help each individual patient benefit from it. A sports massage therapy  treatment can assist your body’s lymphatic drainage and blood flow by soft tissue manipulation.  

What To Expect From Sports Massage Therapy?

At your initial consultation at our Sutton Coldfield clinic, we will discuss your symptoms, the reason for your visit and your medical history. Our qualified sports therapists will be trying to discover if there are any underlying reasons for your pain. We will suggest a proposed plan of treatment and give you some ideas of exercise that you can do at home to help relieve your symptoms. 

Does Sports Massage Therapy Hurt?

Sports massage therapy should not be painful although you will probably feel a little discomfort or experience some tenderness. This is because your therapist will be trying to manipulate those tissues to long term goal of relieving your pain. 

Why Should Choose Sports Massage Therapy?

If you are struggling with muscle tension or strain, painful tendons and stiffness then sports massage therapy will be of benefit to you. In addition, it can help improve your range of movement, improve blood flow, increase muscle flexibility and assist lymphatic drainage. Previous injuries can result in the production of scar tissue which in turn may affect the tendons and muscles. When there is an increase in scar tissue in one particular area, this may consequently lead to a higher risk of injury in that part of the body. Sport massage therapy has the ability to break down scar tissue an aligning the natural collagen fibres. We meet patients that have suffered with their condition or injuries for a long period of time and wished that they had benefited from a sports massage much sooner. Some patients wisely choose to get a periodic sports massage therapy treatment with our experts here in Sutton Coldfield, because it allows them to continue with their sports goals or leisure routine, such as going to the gym, cycling, or other sports. 

Sports Massage Sutton Coldfield Clinic Location

The clinic is located in the town of Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, which is approximately just 7 miles from Birmingham City Centre. There is ample car parking if you are travelling by car.


Sports Massage Can Help With

Muscle Tension

Sport Injuries

Muscle Strains

Repetitive Strain Injuries

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