What Is Clinical Massage?

Clinical massage is a different massage technique to just kneading away aches and pains. A sports massage therapist is a specialist who uses various techniques designed to help heal injuries, improve motion and increase muscle function. When treating pain, clinical therapists look at the nerves, tissues and muscles with an in-depth knowledge of the body and its ailments. Clinical massage therapists are trained to help a variety of complaints, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulders, and lower back pain. Some people have even been able to avoid having surgery after receiving treatment by a clinical massage therapist. A clinical massage therapist can tailor a specific program to help address the pain and improve well-being by taking a hands-on approach.

What Can Clinical Massage Be Used For?

Clinical massage therapy can be used successfully in some of the following conditions:

It can also help to improve your general flexibility and reduce your pain threshold by keeping your body active and mobile.

man being treated with clinical massage on his shoulder

Types of Clinical Massage

Sports massage: A sports massage helps athletes and many individuals recover from strenuous activities and usually focuses on a particular body part or region.

Deep massage: A deep tissue massage uses more powerful motions to target deeper muscle and connective tissue layers. Deep tissue massage therapy is often employed to help people recover from injuries.

Trigger point massage: As the name suggests, a trigger point massage focuses on a specific part of the body. Trigger point massages are often used to target muscle fibres that can form after injuries or overuse.

IAST (Instrument Assisted Soft tissue techniques also known as Gua Sha in Traditional Chinese Medicine) With the careful use of instruments, it effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions. The ergonomic design of these instruments allows the sports therapist to determine limitations and enable the therapist to manage the affected area with the appropriate measure of pressure.

Why Choose A Clinical Massage With Our Specialists?

Our sports therapists are highly qualified and experienced, so they have an extended range of techniques and sound reasoning to treat you. Our skilled team can use clinical massage therapy to enhance your training goals and athletic performance and assist in post-injury rehabilitation. By increasing circulation and the blood flow to muscles, clinical massage can also help with improving posture, strength and flexibility.

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