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What does an osteopath do?

Osteopathic treatment can provide effective relief from a variety of conditions and symptoms. Using various skills, Osteopaths carefully work on restoring the musculoskeletal system, assisting the body to maintain strength and ability. Osteopaths assess the whole body and use a range of effective, gentle manipulative techniques to alleviate pain and restore movement to your body and can reduce your pain significantly, at times completely remove the issue causing the pain.

Some Reasons To See An Osteopath

  • If you have sustained an injury
  • Have undergone recent surgery
  • Have a chronic illness or injury
  • Have experienced the loss of normal functional ability
  • Are seeking recovery and improvement to your general health and wellbeing.
  • Getting assistance in returning to work after an injury or certain condition.

What can Osteopathy help with?

Each person’s condition and injury is often unique, therefore osteopathic treatments will vary from person to person. However, here are several reasons why many people book an osteopath today: weight-bearing issues, workplace injuries, sports injuries, neck and back pain, leg pain, sciatica, muscular sprains and strains, shoulder pain, arthritis, osteoporosis and tendon problems.

Why visit our Osteopathy clinic in Walsall?

Paul Clusker has successfully been involved in the field of natural health care for almost 40 years. Today he leads a team of experienced experts based at the Walsall clinic. These fully trained professionals will assist you in your recovery, listen to your needs and carefully assess the treatment that will benefit you the most. Using the latest approved and accredited treatments you can be reassured that your care and relief is our top priority.

What to expect from your first Osteopathy Session

Your osteopath will ask about your specific symptoms and problem. They will also need to know about any medications that you are taking and your medical history. Your osteopath will advise you on how they can treat you or assess if you need to be referred to another health practitioner.
After your initial consultation, your osteopath will carry out a musculoskeletal and nervous system assessment. Simply put, your osteopath will use a range of skills to identify what might be happening in your body and then they will tailor your treatment to get the best results. You will also benefit from techniques that may give relief from musculoskeletal pain, discomfort and pain.

Should I wear Specific clothing for my Osteopathic treatment?

The most important things that you feel comfortable in our care. We usually recommend that our clients wear clothing that is easier to loosen or remove. Feel free to bring a change of clothing if you prefer. Our professional practitioners may need to reach a joint, bone or to work on muscle tissue to carry out your treatment.

Address for the Walsall Osteopath Backcare Clinic

Address for the Walsall Osteopath Backcare Clinic
2 Bate Street,
Walsall, WS2 8EL
Contact number: 07810 770 347
Email: info@clusker.co.uk

Whether you need to alleviate pain , improve mobility , get ease of movement and maintain freedom, our Osteopath Walsall team are now ready to assist you.

Opening hours of the Walsall clinic

Monday 2pm – 8pm
Wednesday 2pm – 8pm
Friday 2pm – 8pm

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For only £65 you get an initial consultation with one of our qualified osteopaths at our Walsall Clinic and your first session of treatment. If you need treatment in the Walsall area, book now so that we can arrange to assist you right away .

Book your initial osteopath consultation & first treatment today for just £65


Osteopathy Can Help With Many Conditions

Osteopath in Walsall Clinic Location

2 Bate Street, Walsall,
Phone: 07810 770 347

Directions to our Walsall Clinic

If you driving to the Osteopath Walsall location from Walsall town centre, go north-east towards Hatherton road. Take a left turn onto Hatherton road. Take a slight left onto Hatherton street. Turn left onto Littleton street then after 0.2 miles, turn right onto Stafford street. After just  0.1 miles, turn right onto Day street. 203 ft Turn right onto Bate street and the clinic is on the right hand side. 

Patient Testimonials

“They really took the time to listen. They very quickly gave me some answers that I have been searching for. After the first session I realised that the pain was gone. I really would recommend BAC.”

“My body just feels so much lighter, so much freer and I feel like I’ve got  more movement in my joints….and feeling so much better. The team make you feel so welcome, relaxed and explain everything they are going to do”

 “Initially I came here with a broken wrist. I worked with Shane getting the strength back into my wrist. My wrist is nice and healthy and back to perfect range of motion. I always come out feel more peaceful. ” 

the staff at the backcare and acupuncture clinics in sutton coldfield birmingham and walsall


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