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Our Targeted Approach – Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage is a technique which involves the manipulation and mobilising of the soft tissue. Although  the treatment was originally designed for athletes as a way to prevent and treat sports injuries. 

Our sports massage therapy Walsall clinic has two graduate sports therapists with extensive training and knowledge of the technique. Each sports massage session is designed to improve blood flow and stimulate lymphatic drainage through soft tissues manipulation. This assists in quickening your recovery or prevent further injury.   

What should I expect from my sports massage therapy appointment?

During your consultation at our Walsall clinic, the sports massage therapist will chat with you about the reason for your visit and what problems or injuries you currently/previously had. They will look at any factors that could be contributing to your pain and what the best treatment plan is for you. 

What does a sports massage therapy feel like? 

The pressure of a sports massage can feel quite intense as a result of the deep tissue manipulation. Although there may be a little discomfort, which may be due to your current injury or resulting soreness, the massage itself should never be too painful. 

What are the benefits of sports massage therapy?

The benefits of sports massage therapy include decreased pain, decreased muscle tension, improved range of movement, improved blood flow, increased muscle flexibility and lymphatic drainage. It is a particularly of benefit to those who have tight or sore muscles due to a repetitive strain injury

Sports Massage Walsall Clinic Location

The clinic is located Walsall in the West Midlands, at just 7 miles approx. from Wolverhampton and 9 miles from Lichfield. The clinic is a 10 minute walk from Walsall town centre.


Sports Massage Can Help With

Muscle Tension

Sport Injuries

Muscle Strains

Reptitive Strain Injuries

Sports Massage Walsall Clinic Location

2 Bate Street,
West Midlands
Phone: 07810 770 347

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