What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

We don’t have to be an athlete to suffer from the rigours of life. Whether it’s trying to sit comfortably for 8 hours working at a desk, enjoying a pain-free trip to the gym, or simply joining our grandchildren to play on the floor, our busy lives may take their toll on our bodies. This is where the benefits of deep tisssue massage therapy can prove invaluable. Deep tissue massage can help us recover, feel good, or simply aid us in doing things we want to do.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Unlike a general relaxing massage that may concentrate on alleviating stress, a deep tissue massage focuses on treating specific areas of concern or pain. These areas may have muscle “knots” or places of tissue restriction. Deep tissue massage is an essential aspect of remedial massage therapy and is skillfully performed on the deeper muscle layers within the body using slow and firm strokes. The benefits of deep tissue massage include breaking down muscle knots, increasing blood flow, and reducing inflammation, making it suitable for injury rehabilitation and treating chronic muscle pains. Although it may seem slightly discomforting at times, the benefits are often experienced quickly. 

Summary of Deep Tissue Massage Benefit

Treats Painful Conditions and Promotes Healing – Deep tissue massage has effectively treated chronic pain and muscle adhesions (including muscle fibres that stick together, creating a knot or nodule). This type of massage can be particularly beneficial for circulatory problems, whiplash, neck pain and lower back pain and sciatica.

Alleviates Symptoms – It targets specific areas to relieve symptoms of nerve impingement, muscle tears and sprains, and chronic muscular pain.

Relieves Tension – It works through tension, layer-by-layer, reaching the deeper muscles and aiding in removing any lingering discomfort.

Restores Balance – Deep Tissue Massage concentrates on bringing the body back into balance. Stimulating the muscles through the massage results in increased blood flow which can help reduce inflammation and promote faster healing of injuries.

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What happens at a deep tissue massage therapy session?

Before your massage begins, your trained and experienced massage therapist will chat with you about any specific problems or areas you would like them to concentrate on. Once the massage begins, the therapist will initially warm up your muscles using gentle strokes. As the massage progresses they will use firmer pressure strokes and slow kneading movements to reach the deeper layers of your muscles. Although it is an intense massage technique, you shouldn’t experience any pain.

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